Wednesday, August 10, 2005

You Are Entering The Cult Of Science And Politics!

From Trish, via PZ comes this interesting website, that is supposed to categorize a website for censorship purposes.

Apparently, their algoritm needs some work...big time! It seems that all typepad blogs get '15 - Business and Economy' category, most other blogs get either 'Category 31 - Web Communications' or 'Category 35 - Usenet News Groups' (it does not know the difference betwen blogs and Usenet!!!), and then misses what the site is really about. Go check the above-mentioned links to Trish and PZ for some blog examples.

Of course, I did my blogs. Here's Circadiana:
The URL is currently rated as:
Category 31 - Web Communications
...and that's it? No mention of science or medicine?

And here is this one:
The URL is currently rated as:
Category 7 - Cult/Occult
Category 25 - Political/Advocacy Groups
Category 35 - Usenet News Groups
Category 0 - Unrated
This is strange. OK, there is politics here - galore - though not that much advocacy, and I am not a group. I haven't been on Usenet in a dozen years and am certainly not hosting one. If I got three ratings why is it also 'Unrated'?

But 'Cult/Occult'!!!???? Bizzare! Is it because of atheist/godless topics? Skeptic's Circle? Carnivals and META - carnivals (as in metaphysics)? WTF? Or is, in today's America, science considered to be occult and being a Democrat is like belonging to a cult? It sure seems to be going that way....

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