Thursday, August 11, 2005

Today in Intelligent Design News

Jerry Coyne wrote an excellent article in The New Republic.

Chris Mooney comments on the Dover trial and has a new excerpt from the upcoming book, this one about IDC here. He also critiques the IDC article in Time Magazine. Kevin comments on both Mooney and Coyne.

Timothy Sandefur also covers Dover and Jesse find another upside-down argument!

Jason, back from vacation, goes back to and skewers Ruse again. Also, Lindsay will make you think hard...

There was an excellent Nightline on the topic last night. Nick Matzke and
PZ Myers comment. Send Nightline a note of appreciation for avoiding He said/She said journalism.

Slate tries to get in the game, too. But see commentaries here, here and here.

On Point on NPR had a show on IDC and Pharyngula is live-blogging. Talk of the Nation - Science Friday, tomorrow on NPR at 2pm EST, will have a show covering these topics: "How does evidence such as bite marks or fingerprints hold up under scientific scrutiny? Plus, an update on scientists' efforts to clarify the Catholic Church's position on evolution, a look at the Avian flu vaccine and how insurance companies view climate change."

Harry Potter may be good for teaching kids genetics, assert authors of this letter to Nature. Think about pure-bloods, half-bloods, muggles, think about dominant and recessive alleles, mutations, penetrance, maternal effects, role of socialization...

A new creationist book by Sermonti was just translated from Italian into English. Andrea Bottaro and PZ Myers comment.

A wee bit of advice to the creationists by PZ Myers provoked quite a discussion in the comments. PZ Myers and Phil Plait were also interviewed for BBC.

Fafblog makes satire work for him. And it does for Publius, too, while raising the stakes in the competition against the Duh Theory and the Flying Spaghetti Monster (buy the T-shirts!).

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