Tuesday, August 02, 2005

How Bush is trying to make the new generations even less intelligent than he is...

Bush is working on raising a new generation of unquestioning indoctrinated sheep by endorsing Intelligent Design Creationism.

But we know Bush was always for this...they Designed the Intelligence on Iraq after all. Ah, that would be "Intelligence Design"... sorry.

Of course, statements about "teaching the controversy", "presenting both sides of the issue" and letting the kids with no background "decide" are the cornerstones of the Intelligent Design Creationism strategy since their more overt mentions of God got them kicked out of courts.

By repeating these statements, Bush did exactly the same thing as when he invoked Dred Scott during the debate last year - a signal to his base that they can count on him. He is using the evangelical language that many of us are not aware of - we think it is English and do not see the subtext between the lines.

PZ Myers has a good post and a collection of responses from the blogosphere.

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