Friday, July 01, 2005

Friday Blog Roundup

Publius writes a good one: BUSH AND THE AGE OF IRONY and Paperwight comments: Satire Is Dead! Long Live Irony!

There is tons on Sandra Day O'Connor, of course. Publius speaks clumsily then corrects himself: LOOK AT ME, I'M SANDRA D. Eric Martin goes broader:Friday This-and-That. Digby totally gets it the best of everyone, twice: Nucular Summer and Meltdown. Radical Russ is guest-blogging with gusto and style (look around) at Pam's House Blend - here he goes to Freeperland and reports the scum's responses to the O'Connor retirement here. This is what YOU can do: Supreme Court Action. And Chris Mooney goes beyond the fear of installment of government-mandated childbirth to other possible consequences of O'Connor replacement: Holy Crap

Eric is on a roll with these two on Iraq flypaper theory, Bush speech and torture: Did Anyone Bother To Ask? and Prison Guards And Jailers As Ambassadors. Archy also discusses flypaper theory: They get letters.

Shakespeare's Sister: Blame Liberals. And Dr.Neiwert nails it, as usual: Who's weak on terror?

Mike on hate as a core Republican value here and here.

Chris follows up on the US Lysenkoism story: Waxman Challenges Barton

Lance Mannion. Brilliant. Hitting Rove on the head with a Bible: The race is not to the swift.

Brian O'Connor has a good one on the difference between Animal Rights and Animal Welfare: AR vs AW: A Zookeeper's Perspective, as well as a post that reminds me that there are more biologists named Steve than scientists (from all disciplines, not just biology) who are Creationists: PCRM: What Physicians?

Dogged Blog links to my "Never Again" post and comments: Getting Chills in the Grey Zone. My response: Well, Hitler and Stalin were gnats, too. It is the passage of time, as well as the amount of damage they did (because they could at the time, sans TV and internet), that elevated them to the hights of villainy they enjoy in popular discourse today. They were small, mean people, not any bigger, smarter or eviler than Rove or Cheney.

Lots of news from the NC Zoo blog.

Here is a round-up of African bloggers reporting on Live 8 concerts.

Steve Krause has some (published) Thoughts on Blogs as a Tool for Teaching

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