Tuesday, July 12, 2005

The Eerie Silence From The Luntz Language Factory

Look at the past few months. Not a good period for the Bush Administration, don't you think:

So, where is Frank Luntz? When things happen, good or bad, within 24 hours Frankie gets his Talking Points forum-tested, printed out and sent to every Wingnut with any potential access to any form of media: from Limbaugh and radio copycats, through bloggers and journalists, to elected officials. Everybody gets The Talking Points. Everybody has a sacred duty to repeat the talking points at least three times a day while kneeling and bowing towards D.C.

Where are the Talking Points? Scott McLellan does not have them, for crying out loud! He is just refusing to talk! Get the whole transcript here (Billmon has collected Scott McClellan's past and recent statements on Rove and Plame).

Without Talking Points, Freepers are in disarray. There is no disciplined parroting - they are all screaming nonsense. Of course, to invoke the principle of "Use and Disuse", their thinkin' organs have degenerated after years of readily available talking points, so they are a little rusty....

Where are the memorable zingers, something along the lines of "with us or against us", or "bring them on", or "ownership society", or "up-or-down vote"? The officials are silent. The bottom-dwellers are just howling like hyenas. Where is the crisp message? What happened to legendary Republican framing? Why are they incapable of shutting the press and the opposition up with language?

This can mean several things. Warning: wild speculation ahead. Possible explanations:
The only way they can get out of the whole mess is if they create a diversion. But, this is such a big mess, they need to create a really big diversion. This is scary. These guys are capable of anything. Attack on Iran? With what troups? Catching Osama? If they could, they would have done it just before the election. What else would rally people around the President.....? Hmmmm.

Shake's Sis is absolutely right that we should keep all of the above-listed negatives connected and frame the language that keeps stressing the unifying thread underlying them all - the "severe and appalling breech of ethics, most notably the betrayal of the trust of the American people."

Update: A-ha. Here are the Talking Points, several days later than usual, and they are not very impressive.

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