Saturday, June 04, 2005

Perhaps You Can Help A Little

OK, here's the deal. Both of my cars just had major repairs. That ate into our little savings nest egg - about two months worth of rent. We will pay next months rent, but that leaves almost nothing for other bills or food. We should be able to recover by next month or two. Mrs.Coturnix who is a night-shift ICU nurse is going to do some overtime. I teach adults at a community college and my paychecks are small and far apart, but one is coming in two weeks, and the next class also starts in two weeks. I am considering taking another job, but that will, even more, slow down my dissertation writing. Two cars are essential, given the strange work schedules and having to take Coturnix Jr. and Coturnietta to two different schools every morning. Hope for a newer better computer are now gone. That is why I have just installed a PayPal button on the sidebar. A hundred regular readers with one-time donation of $10 would pay for rent for the next month and get us back into solvency. I hate asking for help, but today, I just have to. Thanks!

Update: Thank you all who contributed. I got about a quarter of a monthly rent through this. Both of my back tires blew over the past two weeks, though, and had to be replaced by new ones....ah, well...


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