Saturday, June 04, 2005

Carnival of Un-Capitalists

The latest issue of the Carnival of Un-Capitalists has been posted on Fruits Of Our Labor. Some really good reads there.

I will be hosting the Carnival next week. If you go to the homepage, which is very nicely and elaborately done, you will find all the relevant information about the carnival, what to send in, how to send it, how to volunteer to host etc.

Some of the past editions were thematic. I was toying with the idea of picking a theme, but in the end I decided to let it be open. So, whatever you write about economic issues from a Progressive/Liberal angle will be (after meticulous editorial scrutiny, of course ;-) ) accepted for the next week's carnival.

Still, there are some topics that I am interested in, so, if you are running out of ideas, these may serve as your inspiration. Feel free to interpret them any way you wish, to combine two or more, or to completely ignore them, but here they are:

1) Economics: from psychology to ideology to theory to practice to politics to rhetoric.

2) Wealth of Nations vs. Wealth of Individuals

3) Divine Right of the Capital : what is wrong with the institution of the Stock Market?

4) Free Market vs. Top-down Control: what is Left and what is Right?

5) Biological metaphors for human societies: are they useful, useless, or damaging?

6) Money and Sex (and Gender and Marriage)

7) Free Market and Free Trade in the Global Village: do we need Martian competitors?

8) How to get people to vote their economic interest?

While the submission information is on the homepage, you can also use the Universal Blog Carnival Submission Form, or you can submit to me directly at: Coturnix1 AT aol DOT com. Send it to me by Sunday 5pm EST.

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