Saturday, May 14, 2005


After more than two months since the Gateway died, and almost as long strugglingwith the old PowerMac, I finally took home a G3 Mac from the lab. I am writingon it right now. We added a second hard-drive and extra memory, decidedto upgrade to OS 9.2 and not OS X as it may be too much for the capacityof the system.

I have loaded new MSOffice as well as Netscape 7 whichdoes not do stuff perfectly, e.g., on some pages it cuts off a narrow marginon the left, enough to be unable to click on left-hand-side-bar links, ornot to be able to read the first word of each line on a blog on which thesidebar is on the right. Is there a way to fix this? Some kind of "fit to screen" setting, perhaps?

I don't like Explorer. Is my system too feeble for the Firefox 1.0.4? Should I even bother?

Iloaded some of my old files and played with the bookmarks and settings on Netscape. Finally, I'll be able to play (safely) with my template so I canstart updating my sidebar, blogroll, archives etc. I'll continue tomorrow. G'night.

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