Monday, May 02, 2005

Strauss' Waltzes That Neocons Dance To

Many of the leaders of the Neocon movement grew up on and picked their ideas from reading Strauss' philosophy. But, how much does the current political landscape of America trace back directly to Strauss' writings is still open to debate. And the debate is raging on the Internets, with some excellent essays:

Billmon reviews a recent book on Strauss' influence on the current movers and shakers of American politics.

Nick Xenos writes on the same topic.

Digby responds to Billmon.

Publius responds to Billmon and, in the comments, Billmon responds to Publius.

Johnybutter responds to Publius.

Let me know if there is more so I can update this post.


The News Writer pitches in.

Seeing The Forest and again.

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