Saturday, May 07, 2005

North Carolina Blogging

Are you a North Carolina blogger? If so, are you interested in strengthening the NC blogging com;munity by promoting other state bloggers, as well as getting better known yourself within the community?

If yes, there are several things you can do, includi ng supporting the Tar Heel Tavern, the blog carnival of NC bloggers.

If you remember every week, send a permalink to one of your recent posts ON ANY TOPIC (or any length, a photo is just fine) to the h o st of the next carnival.

If you remember every week, post a link to the current edition of the carnival.

If you remember every week, post a reminder to your readers to submit their entries to the carnival.

If you know bloggers who are not (and they S HOULD be) aggregated on NCBlogs, let them know about The Tar Heel Tavern and urge them to join in the fun.

Finally, sign up to host the carnival on your blog in the near future and see your sitemeter go wild!

The nex t issue of the carnival will appear this Sunday on Circadiana.

Go dig through the archives of past issues for a taste of the carnival.

Then submit your ent ries by Sunday 9am EST to:

Coturnix1 AT aol DOT com{

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