Monday, May 16, 2005

Miss Frizzle: "Make Connections, kids!"

Terry Heaton writes on postmodernism, religion and the art of listening . Who wants to talk but not listen? You have to read his post to the end.

Pseudonymous UNC Student who, earlier today, became a Pseudonymous UNC graduate wonders how to rename her blog. Her previous post on strange
sexual habits of conservatives is something I find, as my regular readers know, utterly un-surprising.

Sally at GreenSpace comments about the wall between church and state and the excellent article on the topic on today's NYTimes.

Speaking of NYTimes, Ed comments twice on class and the beginning of the new NYT series on the topic. Having trouble accesssing NYT online (which also contains these articles), I ran to the store and got myself a hard copy....

Finally, an interesting discussion in the comment thread on Legal Fiction about the
true meaning and interpretation of the Constitution.

If you read all these, don't you see a pattern emerge? It's all connected: politics, religion, history, law, class and sex....especially sex.„

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