Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Housekeeping Etc.

I have used the skills I learned from Anton in fixing the look of this blog and applied it to Circadiana. Compared how it used to look like, this is, you must admit, magnificient! Go and take a look. Now I have to resume posting cool science stuff over there!

I have started updating the Archives By Categories. I was a couple of months behind. So far, I have updated the two biggest categories with the best posts: "Understanding America" and "Sex, Gender and Marriage", as those appear to be most visited by readers. I will continue over the next few days to update them all.

My Blogroll is also woefully outdated. Some of the blogs listed there are now gone or on a long hiatus. On the other hand, over the past few months I have discovered dozens (hundreds?) of wonderful blogs. For instance I found some really neat blogs on the fast-growing North Carolina blog aggregator.

I have discovered most of the new excellent blogs through the Carnivals. To find and be found in the blogosphere, carnivals are the best method. So scroll down to the Meta-Carnival #4 I posted this morning, pick carnival themes you like and submit your best entries. You can submit the same post to several carnivals - the audiences are likely to be different for each one. Most do not really care (even if they say otherwise upfront) if your post is a bit older than last week - they all want quality.

Speaking of Carnivals, I will be hosting The Tar Heel Tavern this coming weekend, Smarter Than I next week, and Carnival Of Un-Capitalists in June (and will think about hosting some others further down the line). So, write and submit your best posts and send them to me (Coturnix1 AT aol DOT com) in time for each carnival.

Finally, I want to thank AnonyMoses for inviting me to be a part of a wonderful new group blog, Idea Consultants. Go check it out.


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