Monday, May 02, 2005

Fresh Carnivals

The Third Edition of Smarter Than I is now online. I love to go around looking for best posts to suggest, but it did not occur to me that someone may actually suggest one of mine, yet it happened this time! Thanks! Enjoy the carnival!

Grand Rounds XXXII: A Day in the Life of a Medical Student is up! Grand Rounds is the blog carnival of medicine, nursing and health care. This issue celebrates every aspect of medicine, from the student, to the surgeon and the patient on the table.

Apparently, the latest Carnival of the Godless is being published in a piecemeal fashion, but you can see the first few posts already while it is being built.

New Blog Carnival Showcase Extravaganza is up on Pratie Place with some really good new blogs.

I am also working on Meta-Carnival #4 - expect to see it some time tomorrow..i

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