Saturday, April 02, 2005

An Interesting New Blog Carnival

For most blog carnivals, entries are generally submitted by authors. Occasionally the host adds some entries. Sometimes (Blog Tower for instance), most or all entries are chosen by the host. But this new one, Smarter Than I will publish posts submitted by others, i.e., you pick a fantastic post you have read on somebody else's blog recently and submit that URL to the host.

The post you submit should be, in your mind, the work of a genius. This is going to be an interesting experiment. Are A-list bloggers going to dominate, or is this a great way to promote less well known but highly deserving bloggers? Only time will tell. But go ahead and dig through your blogrolls and fe eds and find a work of genius to submit so this cool new carnival gets a good start (of course this happened just when Publius of Legal Fiction retired!).d{o

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