Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Help Save NIH Funding

Oppose Spending Caps on Public Health Programs!

Please, visit the www.sfn.org/legalert website and write to your senators about the important issue of NIH funding. The site will automatically fax your message. It only takes a minute.

The House and Senate Budget Committees plan to begin work on their respective Budget Resolutions soon. The Budget Resolution, which establishes overall spending levels for the year, will likely contain cuts for domestic discretionary programs such as NIH.

Generally, we have the best chance of stopping the cuts in the Senate. Society for Neuroscience asks you to contact both of your Senators, urging them to oppose caps that freeze spending for health programs BELOW last year’s levels.

Please visit CapWiz, an on-line legislative action center, provided to you by SfN: http://www.sfn.org/legalert


Thank you in advance for your participation


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