Sunday, February 06, 2005

Sorry, "Blogger" Malfunction!!!!!

I only wanted to change a couple of links on the sidebar....and I lost half the template and the whole blog!!!! I just spent two hours recovering the blog. It would help if I knew any html, or whatever the squiggles on the template meant. I am too tired to keep playing with it now - tomorrow is another day. At least you can find the posts and comment on them.

The blogroll is gone - I'll make a new one after the Feb 12 Triangle Blogger Conference and its session about the size of blogrolls.

I have added "Archives By Categories" so you can find my posts by topic if you like.

I have also added a few more Blog Carnivals, but not all. If you want to find all, click on "Blog Carnivals" under "Archives By Categories" for the posts in which I link to every carnival in existence.

The new Philosopher's Carnival has one of my posts, and the Carnival of the Godless should have one of my posts, too, whenever it gets posted later today.

Carnivals to look for soon (and submit something, if you can):

Carnival Of The Balkans 7 Feb 05
Carnival Of Sin 7 Feb 05
Grand Rounds 8 Feb 05
Tangled Bank 9 Feb 05
Carnival Of The Godless 13 Feb 05 (here, on Science and Politics)
Skeptic's Circle 17 Feb 05
History Carnival 25 Feb 2005
Philosopher's Carnival 27 Feb 2005
The Carnival Of Bad History 1 March 2005
Carnivalesque early March
Blog Tower ???

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