Friday, February 18, 2005

Happy Blogiversary!

I forgot to do this yesterday, so I will today. This blog has just passed an important milestone: six months in existence and regular (almost daily) posting. It has steadily risen from about 30 daily hits, to about 60 for a while, to about 100 for a long while. Now it has wild swings between 150 and 250 daily hits, the swings mostly related to Carnivals.

My biggest day (517 hits) was the day I first posted the Carnival of the Godless #3. My second biggest day (around 400) was when I was the host of Tangled Bank #19. My best week so far is this week, as I am still getting many hits for the Godless Carnival, as well as people coming to read my contributions to the latest issues of Tangled Bank, Skeptic's Circle, Philosopher's Carnival and Carnival of Education. My second best week was after inauguration of Circadiana (

This blog has now been a Large Mammal in the TTLB ecosystem for a couple of months, it has about 300 links to it, there is a number of regulars who sometimes post comments, and it got into the semi-finals for the Kaufax Awards for the best series (on Lakoff) at Wampum.

As I stated in my inaugural post, I wrote mostly about politics until the Election and much more on science after the election. I am still trying to get some balance between the two. I hope I never get to the point I get thousands of hits. If that happens I will start feeling an obligation to post daily, or to write a particular type of post. The way it is now, it's my blog and I'll write if I want to, what I want, how I want... Read it or leave's mine, mine, mine....

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