Monday, January 10, 2005

Science News

Rats Can Tell Human Languages Apart, Study Shows

Rats can use the rhythm of human language to tell the
difference between Dutch and Japanese, researchers in Spain reported Sunday.

Their study suggests that animals, especially mammals, evolved some of the
skills underlying the use and development of language long before language
itself ever evolved, the researchers said.
It is the first time an animal
other than a human or monkey has been shown to have this skill.

I bet birds can do it, it's just that nobody thought to ask them.

Hey, I have already written a critique of the "sixth sense" in animals (,, but here it is again, pretty much the same argument as mine, from the Washington Post:

A Sense Of Doom: Animal Instinct For Disaster
...and on the similar topic:

[For news about sleep and circadian rhythms you have to go which is exploding with hits, now that Andrew Sullivan has also linked to a post there.]

Science-related news and diaries on dKos are summarized here (corrected link):

Kaufax Awards for Best New Blog are now up for voting - I picked Total Information Awareness.


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I guess I will have to give Circadiana some more attention - play with links and blogrolls and the "look".

I have largely refrained from energetic political rants over the past few days here, as I am cleaning the house for some very special guests. Tomorrow late at night I will post the next Tangled Bank. Some very delicious entries have been submitted so far - make sure to come back on Wednesday for the real intellectual feast!

I am also trying to get some very smart people who are close to me to guest blog here soon, and I will certainly get back to Lakoff and rabid political rants along with more science news in the nearest future.

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