Thursday, January 13, 2005

An Embarrassment Of Niches

From Nadezhda (of Chez Nadezda fame), from her own personal blog (Nadya's basket), another look at Long Tail, something I briefly mentioned before (, but Nadya's is totally up to speed on the whole issue, so go look around her blog:

More Long Tails - Iraq elections "newswire" blog

From that post, a great short summary of the essence of the Long Tail concept:

"An embarrassment of niches."

And niches there certainly are... There is interest in everything. I am not the only one writing about sleep, though others tend to write from a more personal perspective, e.g.,:

Sleep is for lazy people


Speaking of strange niches to be filled, how about these blogs:



Good search engine for blogs (thanks Nadezhda again):


...and how about the concept of niche-construction, i.e., changing the environment in a way that increases your fitness, but in turn makes you evolve new adaptations to the new niche you constructed. The new adaptations, in turn, may prod you to construct your new niches differently...and the cycle goes on. Apply this to blogosphere.

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