Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Bloggers Are Back In Town

Jonnybutter is back from his long blog-break. His "Not A Pipe" blog has been renamed "Crush All Boxes".

He 'gets' the problems of "Intelligent Design" and adds some interesting twists of his own in this two-part post:

On the other hand, Amanda Doerty's understanding of evolution is quite sophomoric, which is OK as she is, actually, a sophomore. With the first tools and terms of philosophy proudly hanging from her tool-belt, she is putting them to use in a series of posts on evolution (as well as drugs, gay marriage, racism, affirmative action etc.) that is utterly confusing. Sometimes she uses typical creationist arguments to argue FOR evolution. The next minute she repeats some of the ancient, million-times-rebuffed, IDC arguments to argue against evolution. Then in the next paragraph she debunks another typical IDC argument. In the end she surprises by saying she believes evolutionary theory is correct but NOT scientific!!!! Well, most of the stuff on her blog is incoherent like this, but I would rather see this - that she is learning and thinking about the big issues of the world - than doing what most of her peers do at her age: get drunk, get high, get laid. With some reading, discussing, and thinking, she has a chance. Most of her peers do not.

Is Evolutionary Theory Scientific?

Is The Limited View of Evolution Scientific?

Man Living with Dinosaurs?

Is the More Comprehensive View of Evolution Scientific?

Publius is back in town and has written several posts, including these two, the first one touching on a topic close to my heart - the perception of time in politics (jonnybutter also touches on that in one of the posts above), and the other on the future Progressive strategies:


THE VISION THING - "Reform" and a Plan for 2006

Dr.Neiwert is also back in town, and his travellogue is a Dark And Stormy Night:

Headin' for the big roundup

and his analysis of the WA gubernatorial election is detailed and excellent:

Replaying Florida in Washington

Carl Zimmer has two great scientific stories to tell:

The Whale and the Antibody

All the News That's Too Big To Print

...and PZMyers is also back in town with a great scientific story about genes, noses and dogs:

Tandem repeats and morphological variation

In the meantime, DarkSyde was guestblogging and everyone had great fun debating creationists and everything else, so go over to pharyngula and have fun reading.

Here are a couple of new posts about Creationism:

Creationist e-mail: Phil Skell

A Christian educational institution

...and trashing religion in general:

Christmas in NYC
Inflaming the godly

Finally, don't forget to submit your entries for the next Tangled Bank (

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