Sunday, December 05, 2004

Weekend Reading

Busy and lazy day. Prefer reading to writing. Here is some stuff I read today. Forward to friends.

Thanks Brandon from Siris for the plug for my WWDD series. His blog is always fascinating. He suggests ( that it may be easier on the eyes if you print out my four-part post and read it in hardcopy.

From the science blogs:

Evolution Deniers and Holocaust Deniers in a locked step.

Number one word of the year (cicada is #6)

What a Difference 10,000 Years Makes

Religiosity as a vehicle for nightmares

Creationists and Evolutionists can co-exist!

Why are flounder funny-looking?

Prigs, prudes, puritans, and prissy pissants

Why the new Darwin Debate is BAD News

If Charlie is your Darwin, join this group:

I watched this:
Evolution on CNN

Speeding up evolution in swallows: response to global warming or not?
Getting Sexier All The Time

Quarks or condoms?

Need ideas for holiday shopping? Try this:
or this:

Now, to political blogs:

Liberalism, academia, and the crisis of the left

Blogs off the Beaten Path

Who didn't vote for Kerry?

Budget Deficits: K. Grease Plays Chicken Little

Budget Deficits II: You Can't Blame Dogs for Eating Out of the Garbage


How Big A Deal Is The War On Terrorism?


Comments on Beinart

The Crucible

Two From The Bullpen

Ladies, Keep Tips on Dragon Slaying to a Minimum

Do I bitch about students too much?

Gay Marriage Arguments

Psychology Monday Nite

DLC teams with their pals, the GOP and Fox News

Declaration of Independence not banned

And the wisdom to know the difference

A great new blog by Eric Gordy. He knows his Balkans and, by extension, everything else:

Focus on something else for a change

The Strange Death of Socialist Scotland

Who Does This Ukraine Guy Think He Is Anyway?

Word Association: Activist Judges

And another science journalist/writer started a blog about politics:

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