Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Ed Turlington for NC Dems Chair

I really like Ed Turlington and am quite happy that Gov. Mike Easley is supporting him to chair the NC Democratic party for the next two years. The NC Dems are actually quite good and well-organized, considering geography....I really like Mike Easley, David Price, Elaine Marshall, Erskine Bowles, Mike Meeker, Jim Hunt and the rest of that top-dog clique, and feel that they are not just efficient, but also quite responsive to the grassroots of the party.

I saw Ed on TV many times, and at the Edwards campaign HQ a couple of times and he always seemed like a nice decent person, kinda quiet and shy, almost boring. What made me personally like him a lot was the Christmas Day last year, when John Edwards took one day off from campaigning in Iowa to come to Raleigh and do the book signing of "Four Trials" at Quail Ridge Books. Ed, being Edwards' campaign chairman, could have had his book signed at any time and any place, yet he decided to stand in line (and it was a loooong line) and wait, just like everyone else. That was quite a sign of character for a person of such power.

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