Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Anti-Christmas movement in Europe

The Hardest Time of the Year

... more than half of people in Holland would prefer
Christmas to be celebrated any second or fourth year rather than every year. In
Austria and Germany there is interesting phenomenon of so-called "Santa-free
– shops and bars where people may gather in this time of year without
anything to remind them of
.....there is only one way in which people are supposed to
celebrate Christmas – presents under the tree, Christmas turkeys, old bearded
man, snow and reindeers etc. People are supposed to celebrate Christmas that way
regardless of living in Alaska, Sahara or New Guinea. This vision of Christmas
being popularised by American movies also contributed to anti-Christmas
backclash in today's atmosphere of growing anti-Americanism.
Many who cherish their personal freedom often begin to see Christmas as one of rare, and therefore, extremely annoying occasions when they don't spend their money and time in a way they would like.

[my emphasis on time, see previous post]

...read the whole thing here: http://draxisblogging.blogspot.com/2004/12/hardest-time-of-year.html

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