Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Science Fiction Writers' Blogs

One would expect sci-fi writers to be the first to jump onto the blogging craze. of course, Cory Doctorow blogs on Boing Boing Boing blog, but it was hard to find the others. Here are some:

David Brin has started recently and wrote some good political stuff leading to the election:

William Gibson...well, of course:

Greg Bear's blog is more of a forum. Instead of him posting and others commenting, it is others posting and Greg commenting. Interesting concept. Lots about his books and sci-fi, almost no politics (except through the lenses of his books, which are, actually, quite politicial):

Some good writers have good websites but have not (yet?) decided to dive into blogging, for instance:

John Kessel


Joan L. Slonczewski

Let me know if you find another sci-fi writer's blog!

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