Sunday, November 14, 2004

Neil Postman

With the winter holidays coming, you may be wondering what to buy....and the books may be the answer. While everyone is swallowing anti-Bush books, almost a thousand in print by now, I am assuming these are not quite useful - they did not win as the election, after all. I read Molly Ivins' "Bushwacked" and stopped there. I am assuming that Woodward, Dean, Suskind and a couple of others have something important to say, and the rest of the books are copies, repeats and rants. The problem with all these books is their narrow focus on here and now, and on a very few characters. I am more interested in books with a much broader focus, attempting to explain the society in which something like Bush presidency is even possible. I am more interested in books that will teach me stuff I can use "in the field", converting people one at the time, to the liberal point of view. In the nearest future, I will post a Reading List (perhaps a holiday shopping list) of books that I have read recently and recommend to others. In the meantime, here are some links to webpages discussing the works of Neil Postman. Neil died about a year ago, in early October 2003. I have read several of his books and each made a profound inpact on how I think about everything! Some of his books are more famous than the others - my favourite is "Crazy Talk, Stupid Talk".,%20Neil

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