Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Pinky and the Brain

"Pinky and the Brain" is one of my favourite cartoons ever.

Brain is short, plump, ugly, big-headed, mean and always comes up with evil schemes to "take over the World."

Pinky is taller, thinner, dumb, and always screws up the Plan with his unthinking blabbermouthing.

Last week, Pinky blabbered and exposed the evil Plan.

Tonight, Brain himself will have to come out of hiding and try to save his evil Plan from unravelling.

As usual, in the cartoon, the Plan goes awry, and Pinky and the Brain are forced to give up.

We'll see on November 2nd if Life will imitate Art.

Post-Debate Update:

Sometimes Life is crazier than Art. If the creators of "Pinky and the Brain" made Brain as ugly, cranky and evil as Cheney was last night, the critics would have savaged it and the viewers would think it was too much of a caricature. Go figure.

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