Monday, October 04, 2004

Our Scientific Faith-Based God-given Plan for America

I did a quick word-search of the Kerry/Edwards booklet "Our Plan For America". Here are some of the findings:

science appears 23 times
scientific 9
data 1
empirical 0
religion 3
God 13
faith 23

Go look for yourself, using these or other words. See the context.

For instance, most uses of God were in phrases "God-given" (rights, freedoms, talents, etc.) or in endings of speech transcripts (God bless America).

Faith was used more in the sense of "faith in people" than religious faith, although some freedom to profess one's faith is mentioned.

Most of the references to science were about science funding and using science for correct policy-making decisions. It was often coupled with 'technology', or, in case of education, coupled with 'math'. However, one use is in a sentence that asserts that something is not science-fiction.

Can someone do a search of an equivalent Bush/Cheney document, please?

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