Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Yes, network TV!!!!

This is a post I made on the Edwards blog on November 06, 2003:

One of the proposals that JE is pushing is for networks, who are using public bandwidth, to give all candidates equal free time. I remember in 1990., before the first multi-party elections in Serbia, nobody was allowed to pay for TV, radio or newspaper ads. Instead, every party had a 2-hour slot, during which it had to answer the same set of questions, ranging from dealing with terrorism in Kosovo all the way to health, education, energy, and environment. Each presidential candidate had 1.5 hours on TV to answer a similar set of questions. With first-time election euphoria, there were 52 parties and 21 presidential candidates. Some were serious contenders, others were there for fun (Rock'n'Roll Party, or a broom-and-brush maker who promised to use his merchandise to clean the country of the 'dirt'). There were several TV channels and people could have watched Cosby or Golden Girls, but everyone was transfixed with these sessions, and they lasted for weeks. Not to mention what a huge proportion of the population went out and voted. I wish I could see that level of political engagement here, as well as free and equal TV presentation of every party and every presidential candidate.

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