Sunday, February 25, 2007

The Tar Heel Tavern #105

Welcome to the 105th edition of the Tar Heel Tavern, coming back home after a looong time. I've been sick all week, thus in no strength to do a very creative tavern this time around, but I got a few nominations and added a couple of "Editor's Choices", so here we go:

David Kirk of See One, Do One, Teach One asks Is niche blogging a myth? (Small isn’t the new big.) and looks at a big local industry in North Carolina Dying from Pork.

Etbnc of Another blue puzzle piece wrote a philosophical piece about the Tip of the iceberg.

Laura of Moomin Light reports on the local school's effort to learn about the Greensboro sit-ins. I know all about it because my daughter was in that classroom and told me all about it in the afternoon.

Steve Emery of Color Sweet Tooth explores the beuaty and perfection in photographic art in John Rosenthal and Composition.

From Ron Hudson of 2sides2ron comes A Tribute to Women in the Early Days of AIDS.

Billy and his friend see albino animals: Ghost Deer Roams Blogsboro.

Do you have an old bottle of wine sitting around? If so, you need to open it right now, says Abel PharmBoy. Also: Why don't well-credentialed scientists get these TV gigs?

I was uncharacteristically unproductive this week on my main blog, A Blog Around The Clock, but I noted the resolution of a mystery in Hairless Grey Foxes in North Carolina and a simple explanation for another non-mysterious mystery in The Reducible Complexity of John McCain.

Next week, the Tavern goes to Slowly She Turned. And I am going back to bed.....

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