Sunday, February 11, 2007

Sunday Night Links

A bunch of new links on the Basic Concepts and Terms in Science list.

Bitch PhD has a new (paying!) gig at Suicide Girls News Blog and starts out with a post explaining the Plan B: How Does This Plan Work?

Revere on Effect Measure: Freethinker Sunday Sermonette: the Edwards blogger dust-up

Ezra Klein, in an op-ed in The Guardian (online only): We want a divider, not a uniter, and more on the topic on his own blog: More Shamefaced Obama Skepticism

Chuckles1 puts it even better: The OTHER Abraham Lincoln

A comment by Elizabeth Edwards - Response to a Rhetorical Analysis - on the MyDD diary: The Problem with John Edwards' Urban Radicalism (Or you can see the same Diary and the same comment in the context of different other commenters on DailyKos)

Catchawave: The Man Who Saved Bill Clinton's Ass, An Anniversary 2/12/99

Kos: 'I Was Wrong'

Digital Journal: John Edwards Blog Has A Very Refreshing Hands-Off Policy

Neil the Ethical Werewolf: Welcome Chris Bowers!

David Neiwert on Orcinus: Donohue and the Jews

Chris Bowers on MyDD is on a quest:
This Isn't Over
Keep Piling On The Pressure
Donahue As An Example of a Large Problem
First Democratic Campaign Disses Edwards

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