Thursday, February 01, 2007

JRE links for today

The Way Down South: Johnny Populist & The Born Fighter:

In short, Moser's new article (part of a series on Southern Politics) debunks the myths perpetuated by the DLC and national pundits, skewering John Kerry's "anti-Southern strategy" and Thomas Schaller's "Whistling Past Dixie" and advocating a new Democratic Populism to win back not only large sections of the South (not to mention the industrial Great Lakes states).

Former NC Senator John Edwards to Walk In Our Shoes:
Edwards Is First Presidential Candidate to Accept SEIU Challenge to Spend a Day in the Life of a Working Family
Former Senator John Edwards has agreed to be the first presidential candidate to spend a day on the job and at home with a member of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU).

Hybrids and Light Bulbs and Action

The day the independent inspector came to evaluate the house, we were on pins and needles while he tested our home's energy performance. As he packed his equipment, he gave us the good news: we are an Energy-Star home!

Edwards wrapping up the left blogsphere & Obama's got the Millennial's

This is a interesting angle of hires from the netroots for Edwards. Shakespeare's Sister and Pandagon are blogs that I think would be characterized as 'ideologically-centered' as oppossed to being 'big-tent' democratic blogs. This is actually the first move by the Edwards campaign in the netroots that I find ground-breaking.

Women on Top at the Edwards Campaign

However, not being familiar with these websites, what I liked from both was they were not centrist, mushy, can't we all get along blogs. They are clearly left of center, with strong and witty writing. I like that Edwards seems to be pushing both the presidential agenda AND hopefully his blog and netroots outreach leftward.

The Most Fantastic Blogospheric News of the Day (or longer)
The Most Fantastic Blogospheric News of the Day (or longer) - Part Deux!

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