Friday, December 29, 2006

JRE links for today

A Blog Around The Clock: The Netroots Candidate

Sally Greene: Edwards launch

Kirk Ross: Edwards is in

Ruby and Brian

Mark Kleinschmidt: John Edwards announces plan to run for President

Jake Luddington: John Edwards Town Hall Streams Live and John Edwards Answers Blogger Questions

Scoble: Jake’s video of Edwards

Paul Jones: Edwards - Scoble connections and Sally and EdCone and Scoble (and me) on Edwards announcement etc

Shakespeare's Sister: John Edwards for President

Pam Spaulding: Edwards, Biden, jump into presidential race and John Edwards addresses marriage equality question at N.H. town hall gathering

Ezra Klein: Edwards vs. the Deficit Hawks (also here)

Kevin Hayden: Edwards in 2008

BlueNC: And so it begins...., Live from Iowa, it's.....what day is it? and John Edwards - back to New Orleans (political cartoon)

Orange Politics: Dec. 30 Edwards announcement in Southern Village and Elizabeth Edwards, keeping it real

Anton Zuiker: Edwards in '08

Iddybud Journal: Bloggers Appreciate Edwards' Appreciation of Net

Anonymoses: It's Official! John Edwards is in the Race! and Prelude to a Blogger President: Edwards & the Democratic Future

Benny's World: Blogger Sit Down in Iowa

Wampum: John Edwards speaks and Sweet....

The Carpetbagger Report: Edwards rejects Rubinomics

Firedoglake: Bringing Poverty To The Table

Taylor Marsh (on Huffington Post): Missing the Edwards Message

Culture Kitchen: It's your last chance to vigorously molesticate our advertisers

Bob Geiger: Why John Edwards Changes Everything

Digby: So It Begins

jcsinclair: John Edwards Meet and Greet

Below Boston: John Edwards announces he is running for President;will be in NH tomorrow, We are in portsmouth NH with John Edwards and The web e-mails in a question.

Iowa For Edwards blog

Edwards08 bloggers: Report from Edwards Des Moines Event Today, Online Town Hall from New Hampshire and Behind The Scenes

DailyKos Diaries:
Why New Orleans
Edwards in N.O. Pretty Darn Good
On Edwards, Hillary, and Obama
How Edwards' Announcement is Playing in the Press
John Russell Makes Case For and Endorses John Edwards for President in 2008
Photos from John Edwards' Presidential Bid in NOLA
John Edwards: Progressive Populist
Edwards 2008
Edwards: Need to Reject the McCain Doctrine of Surging Troops...
John Edwards- Act Now
The McCain Doctrine = Brilliant Framing
John Edwards Event in Des Moines
Videos of the Edwards Event in Des Moines

Added on 12-30-06:
chuckles1 on DKos: Edwards 08: Crowd Size and the Press

Aldon Hynes: JFK in Running Shoes, My New Hampshire Summary

Blue Hampshire: Edwards Declares War On Hope (and it's about time)

Dempov: John Edwards - The Right Leader at the Right Time

Don Dodge: Scoble and John Edwards in New Hampshire

Scoble: In Reno

Ezra Klein: Edwards vs. the Deficit Hawks, Iowa and But Can He Raise Taxes?

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