Friday, June 09, 2006

Science News

* Fish may avoid 'sexual harassment', researchers say:
Female guppies seem to risk their lives to flee a barrage of male advances, scientists have found.

* 'Miniature' dinosaurs surprise researchers:
The biggest land animals that ever lived had some miniature cousins, a study has found.

* Mega-crater linked to mass extinction before dinosaurs:
Scientists say they have found the Earth's biggest known crater, and have linked it to the planet's worst die-off.

* First cancer vaccine approved:
U.S. regulators have approved a vaccine designed to cripple the virus responsible for cervical cancer.

* Cosmic blasts could point to strange state of matter:
Some mysterious explosions in space may signal the birth of bizarre objects known as quark stars, researchers claim.

* Professor unmasks '666' superstition:
Prophesies of evil abound for dates or places where the number 666 occurs, including Tuesday, June 6: "6/6/06."

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