Sunday, June 11, 2006

New Neuroscience Carnival - The Synapse

The Synapse is a new neuroscience carnival. The first edition will appear on Pure Pedantry on June 25th, and the second two week later on A Blog Around The Clock.

Anything involving the brain, nervous system, behavior and cognition is fair game for this carnival, from brand new research to historical studies, from pure basic science to applications in medicine or robotics. Please send the links for the first edition, including your name, your blog's name and a short blurb about the post, to jamesjyoung AT gmail DOT com.

BTW, it appears there is also a move to start a genetics carnival, which, should it become reality, should promptly lose the word "carnival" from its title. RPM (personal communication) has a great suggestion - "Mendel's Garden"

Update: it has changed the name to Mendel's Garden and it has a nifty logo - follow the link to see the details.

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