Sunday, June 04, 2006

Change of Shift - A Nursing Blog Carnival

Kim of Emergiblog is starting a new blog carnival, about nursing. The first edition will appear on Emergiblog on June 22. So, if you have a nursing story, send it over to Kim.

The idea is not new. There were a couple of editions of "Nursing Moments" about a year ago, but it died out. A carnival needs a strong, dedicated person to push it for the first 20 or so editions until it assumes a life of its own. Kim is one such person. Also, the medical blogging, including nursing blogging, is much bigger and better organized now than it was a year ago. There are several places where many medbloggers are now listed or subscribe to mailing lists, thus it is easy for nurse bloggers to find each other and organize a carnival.

This is also not going to take anything away from the Grand Rounds. After all, JAMA did not suffer when specialized medical journals got started. In a way, Tangled Bank got stronger, not weaker, when it started spawning off its carnivalish progeny, e.g., I And The Bird, Skeptic's Circle, Circus of the Spineless, Animalcules, Carnival of the Green, etc. More there are specialized journals, more prestigious 'Science' and 'Nature' get.

Thus, starting Change Of Shift, just like starting of Pediatric Grand Rounds, Animalcules and the Health Wonk Review, can only make Grand Rounds stronger and more important than before. It is the JAMA of medical blogging.

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