Friday, June 16, 2006

Carnival of the Liberals - call for submissions

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Message from the proprietors of the Carnival of the Liberals:

Dear Liberal Carnivalers,

Did you think we’d disappeared? Don’t worry (or celebrate), you’re not getting rid of us that easily!

Some logistical issues caused a bit of a delay and resulted in The Uncredible Hallq swapping hosting slots with Varkam at Neural Gourmet. Varkam will be hosting Carnival of the Liberals #15 on Wednesday, June 21st and and the deadline is Tuesday, June 20th by 7PM EDT. So, what are you waiting for? Get to sending in those submissions!

Note: Anyone who sent in something prior to this message, there’s no need to resend it. Varkam has a copy of everybody’s submissions thus far.

BTW: We’ve still got hosting slots in August (16th and 30th), so if anyone’s interested, shoot me an e-mail. We’ve had a lot of new people participating in CotL in recent weeks, so why not give a thought to hosting? We’d love to see some new faces taking a turn at their own editions.

See everyone Wednesday at Neural Gourmet!

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