Sunday, June 25, 2006

Anyone knows car engines around here?

OK, my car won't start. Here is the information that may be relevant:

- It is a 2000 Ford Winstar minivan.

- It never happened before - not even close.

- It is used every day.

- On most days it covers only a couple of miles. Once or twice a week, it may go to Raleigh (28 miles one way) or to my school (16 miles one way).

- It appears to have plenty of electricity, oil and gas.

- When the key is turned, all the lights come on, radio comes on etc.

- Nothing in the engine appears to move when the key is turned - I cannot see any movement or light anywhere.

- When the key is turned it makes a sound like electrical discharge, a sparkle, or even a Christmas sparkler stick. I cannot figure out where in the engine the sound comes from.

- I drove it to the store yesterday (5 miles each way), my wife drove herself to work last night and back home this morning (5 miles each way), with no complaints.

- It's been quite yucky around here today and yesterday - much rain and thunder.

If you have any idea, let me know in the comments. Is there something I can do with basic tools and no spare parts? If I take it to the garage (and that has to wait until Wednesday as we are entirely broke), what should I expect them to tell me, what will they fix, how much should that cost?

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