Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Seedling Stars...

So, SEED magazine's blogging project appears to be going according to plan. Start with a dozen or so people on ScienceBlogs to test the waters, then add more in bunches of about 20 new blogs at a time.

Of course, communications in the blogosphere do not occur only on blogs and in the comments. There is also e-mailing behind the scenes, and even phone conversations and face-to-face meetings. Science bloggers are a pretty tight bunch - many of us are friends and communicate more or less regularly offline. Thus, secrets are not really secrets.

For the past month or so, I knew of about 14 science blogs - all excellent - in negotiations with SEED to join their stable. Of those, Evolutionblog just joined yesterday.

Most are still not going public, so I am not telling. A few have posted about it already, at least the fact that they have been invited and are considering it, including Corpus Callosum, Evolving Thoughts, Mixing Memory, Neurotopia, Retrospectacle and Young Female Scientist. All fantastic blogs.

This will make ScienceBlogs even more of a Center Of The Universe of science blogging, with 40 or so blogs in the center, and 400 or so others revolving around them, via links, blogrolls and commenting.

Do you know anyone else? You can e-mail me...

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