Friday, May 05, 2006

Science Blogging

Stephanie Schorow wrote a really nice article about science blogging for Science & Theology News: If Einstein were a blogger...
At first glance, the wild, wooly world of blogs and the sober, serious world of science shouldn’t mix. After all, blogs — or personal Web logs — are all about opinions and attitude, with logic playing second fiddle to outrage.

Turns out, however, that science and attitude combine quite well. The growing number of science blogs – very loosely defined as blogs about scientific topics or blogs written by scientists — are not only adding to the national debate on issues like intelligent design and global warming, but these e-diaries also explain complicated information and concepts to lay readers.
Read the rest. I wonder if she has read this and the rest of that conversation?

Note that almost all of the blogs mentioned, bloggers interviewed, and blogs listed on the sidebar, are from the SEED ScienceBlogs. These days, if you are not on SEED, you are left behind in the dust of science blogging! That is the epicenter of the SciBlogging movement. So, don't forget hundreds of other scienceblogs (391 so far on that list!) that exist out there.

Hat-tip: Aetiology, ....on SEED, of course...

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