Sunday, May 07, 2006

Quick pyramid update

Too busy these days to pay this story much attention, but others do...

The folks belonging to the Anti-Pyramid Web-ring have uncovered quite a lot of interesting stuff lately, unfortunately mostly not in English, about Osmanagic and the pyramid project. If you can read the language (Bosnian/Serbian/Croatian - whatever you want to call it), check out their posts and links:

Bosanska Piramida Zablude
Piramidalna Prevara

Apparently, Osmanagic believes in Aliens, Atlantis, the Myth of the Hitler Double and every other piece of nonsense that the gullible really like. Also, apparently his website is as honest as the Creationists' websites: deleting stuff when it gets too hot, listing "supporters" from the scientific community who either do not exist, or are quite the opposite of supporters, etc.

For English speakers, there is not that much, but you may want to read these:

It's either one of the greatest archaeological discoveries of our time, or man has made a giant pyramid out of a molehill

Debunking the Bosnian 'Pyramid'

Controversial dig sparks pyramid mania

Bosnia's rich heritage

The Bosnia-Atlantis Connection

Previously on this topic:

Also, several good posts on the pyramid appeared in the last issue of the Skeptic's Circle

Update: Hot Cup Of Joe has a new post on the pyramid.

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