Thursday, May 18, 2006

On Framing, yet again

Thereisnospoon gets it. The post is cross-posted as a DailyKos Diary, so you can see how many of the 518 comments are misguided. Also, check the Swords Crossed post that started it all. Finally, go over to Pandagon to see how well Amanda gets it, yet many commenters do not.

Did the Righties redefine (reframe?) the entire concept of "framing" to make it unpallatable to the Left, in hope that the Left will not understand what the Right is doing, even less use the same strategy?

If people would just read Lakoff's Moral Politics, instead of his lousy "Elephant" booklet or Frank's "What's the Matter With Kansas" (you can start with the Wikipedia entry), we would not have this discussion over and over again, as people would understand what framing is all about and we will be using this insight and knowledge to frame our messages and to undermine the Rightwing strategy.

Instead of reading Daily Kos or other traditional Democratic operatives, read bloggers who understand, like Revere of Effect Measure (check the links to his 18-post series on Lakoff on his left sidebar). Or Chris of Mixing Memory: check his more recent articles on the topic, or, perhaps even more importantly, his older stuff.

Or go to the sidebar of my blog and click on Best Politics Posts link where I collected posts that take Lakoff as the starting point. Or visit the deep, wise archives of The Frameshop or spend some time digging around the Rockridge Institute website.

There, you now have enough links to occupy your attention for a week, so go ahead, leave this blog and do some reading.

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