Thursday, May 04, 2006

Link-Love: Science blogging - Part XII

Science blogs are reproducing exponentially! I can't keep up!

Internalized sexism, and competition between women, Good meetings make the world go 'round, Free diver and The academic cult of masculinity (and whiteness) on A k8, a cat, a mission.

ENRON-Style Accounting by the Autism-Mercury Cult, Autism Parrots and Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose on A Photon in the Darkness.

A Somewhat Old, But Capacious Handbag is an evolutionary biologist in Edinburgh: Just Doing My Duty and Waterbear Down

May Southern Skywatch available on Astroblog.

Interdiscipline and Molecule of the Month: Glucose Oxidase on BioCurious.

Brainethics: Making teachers use science and More about music

Science Podcasts, A Tale of Two Disciplines? and Counterintuitive, but True, by CogSci Librarian.

Genomics and the detection of natural selection on The Contingency Table.

From The Endless Frontier: The (Useless) Eco-Funnel, NY Times on Peer Review and A Nanosensical Title.

Entomologista is a blog by an entomology student. Instead of titles, the posts have dates in Russian.

Bird blogging and Cool article by Tlazolteotl on Faded Flowers.

Adorablog has the cutest animals.

Brain Imaging Techniques or Technocolor Phrenology, Movies Stigmatize Mentally Ill as Violent and Dangerous, In a stroke patient, doctor sees power of brain to recover and Traditional Chinese Medicine: A Westerner's Pilgrimage - The Popular Sector can all be found on GNIF Brain Blogger.

Another Cassini Stunner on the The Greenbelt.

Post-Darwinist blogger takes time for some silliness and Post-Darwinist blogger goes back to the muck on Heaven Is Not The Sky.

Lots of fun on The HomelyScientist: Microwaves, chocolate chips, and the speed of light, The problem with bad studies and sensational headlines, What makes popcorn pop?, Resources for science education and science for kids, Make an air rocket at home … we are a go for launch! and Is Bush thwarting good science?

Review- Dawkins' God: Genes, Memes and the Meaning of Life and Poetry in Science (or science in poetry?) on Hot Cup Of Joe.

A Rebuttal of Dr. King’s Comments on Kathleen Seidel’s 'Vaccines Don't Cause Autism' by Interverbal: Reviews of Autism Statements and Research.

Freud and Psychotherapy, Psychotherapy for Compulsive Gambling and Links Between Drug Companies and Psychiatry by Free Operant on Just Noticeable Differences.

Altering Taste by Lab Cat.

Cell Migration primer, Story of the chemokine-mimicking collagen fragment, Sapsucker Bonanza and Intelligent Cells? on Migrations.

Joolya is Naked Under My Lab Coat: All I Ask.

Kek öl ldi Iro Soum at the Bribri Indigenous Territory and Climate Change Solutions for Earth Day 2006 on Naturally Connected.

Can you trust your eyes? and Mathematicians propose real-life cloaking device on Neural Gourmet.

Neural computers, a step closer: researchers get neurons and silicon talking and Information theory and neural coding on Neurobot.

Neurofeedback in Autism and Quotidian Virtual Violence on Neurocritic.

Patent Medicine on Neurodiversity Blog.

Bird Brains and Grammar, Bruce Wexler's Brain and Culture and Transhumanism on Tape on Neuroethics & Law Blog.

Global village hut broadcasting and Neurofutures that aren't mine on Neurofuture.

IGF-1 & visual system development, Oestrogen alters perception of song in female sparrows and There is no ‘intelligence gene’ on The neurophilosopher's blog.

New Scientist Short Sharp Science blog: Suicide season, The Space Vulture Squadron and Cuttlefish camouflage.

The Theory of Gravity (Supplemental Post) on Now then...

Ombre et lumière - Light and shadow is a bilingual blog from Belgium, mainly on sleep and poetry.

Bees, it seems, may be better decision makers than most corporations and The Happiness Test on Omni Brain.

Drug safety information and the 'transparency paradox' and Survey finds pharma companies lagging in customer focus and 'visuality' on On Pharma.

Online Zoologists - Zoology as a way of life: Providing a communications link between zoologists and the public.

Science blogging continued: more about scooping and Camelia, tulips, by Bill Hooker on Open Reading Frame.

Gender in the Scientific Revolution and The article about Harvey on Paradigms Lost.

The Patient Is In: An Old Idea: What Ails the Body Is Rooted in the Mind - New York Times

Pigeon Blog is unique.

Prometheus is two years old.

To cooperate or free-ride: picking the right pond, by The Proper Study of Mankind.

Lying with statistics: relative risk vs. absolute risk by Random John Reloaded.

Random thoughts: Teach The Controversy!

Schizophrenic Shamans on Ranting Nerd.

Mistaken Identity and Rare Visitor on Rob's Idaho Perspective.

Marconi Exhibit (New Exhibit at MHS) on

Never try to eat anything bigger than your head, Another fish tale and The frog chorus tonight, and a musical experience on Sand Creek Almanac.

Science Buzz - Dig deeper into science headlines.

Aluminum / bromine reaction: lighting fuse not necessary; just get away! and other explosive stuff on Science, Shrimp, and Grits.

Turning Sperm Heads, Periodic Table History and Da Vinci de Leonardo, all from Sciencebase Science Blog.

Improving Impoverished Children's Brains at ScienceMatters@Berkeley.

How Physicists Probe the World and Physics-y Blogs on Scientia Est Potentia.

SciGuy: Where's India? Who cares! and A Mount Rushmore ... for scientists.

Counteracting Global Warming, Galactic Fossil Formation, Fighting bacterial infections with viruses and Shedding Light to Prevent Cancer on SciScoop Science Blog.

A pale and captivating visitor and Dead birds-of-paradise on Search and Serendipity: The Tales of a Wanderling.

Teaching without tests by See Jane Compute.

Sexy Science showcases hot scientists.

Darwin's Harriet(?) and Clive's Adwaitya and Crap on Shallow Thoughts to Profound Insights.

Science and Common Sense and Female Sexuality - Self-Reported and Unreported at Shandean Postscripts to Politics, Philosophy, & Culture.

Bed Bugs? Well Bugs Need Their Sleep Too! and Sleep Walking Boring, When Compared to Sleep Climbing on Sleeping...

Microglia and Hand Sanitizer - no less than 60% EtOH on Soundsofscience.

Yet another blog about Squid.

The Evolution of Mutual Aid and The Evolution of Correlated Convention on Stop That Crow!

Why Hydrogen is Stupid and Friday Animal Blogging by Steve Reuland on Sunbeams From Cucumbers.

Pretty Moth on SwampStuff, and Pretty Pests on SwampThings.

Next week, I will finally manage to venture into blogs starting with T and beyond...

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