Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Let's make our own laws and send the Congress home

This is something I wrote on June 24, 2004:
So, one day in the future, Congress will be disbanded. Legislative business will happen online. Anybody can write and propose a piece of legislation by posting it online. Over a number of days, as lawyers change the wording to be more precise, various experts write their predictions about consequences, intended and unintended, of the law, millions of people chiming in with their opinions, the legislation will assume its final form and will be open for voting. After a few hours or days, when the online voting is closed, it either becomes the law or it does not. If there is such a thing as a President any more, that person's job is quite ceremonial - to sign on the laws crafted, discussed and voted for by the people of America.
Well, you can start practicing for this future right now.

The wisdom of the crowds, and the experience we in the blogosphere have with the self-correcting nature of the Internet, including Wikipedia for instance, appear immediately in the first couple of comments on this post as well.

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