Wednesday, May 24, 2006

First, we take Manhattan...

Note: moved to the top so you do not worry why I'm not blogging for four days.

So, we managed to put some money together and we ARE going to New York City after all.

I have to thank all my readers who hit the PayPal button for being part of this. In order to get a cheaper, weekend rate, we had to extend out trip to four days, arriving on Thursday (May 25th) early in the morning and leaving on Sunday night. So, there is plenty of time to do stuff.

Thursday is pretty much reserved for family time with my brother and his wife. Their art project is part of the Seventh National Juried Exhibition at Ceres Gallery, so we'll be at the opening on Thursday evening - you can meet me there and then if you wish.

Another thing that is an abolute must - and Coturnix Jr. and I have ganged up on the others to make sure it happens - is to see the Darwin exhibit at the American Museum of Natural History. I just learned that it got extended - again - until August. It was supposed to close on May 29th. Either way, this was the only date we could go, so watch out, New York, here we come! You may want to e-mail me if you want to go together with us.

We have lots of ideas where else to go and what else to see, but we are still quite open, so tell me in the comments what is absolutely something NOT to miss while in NYC these days. I may not have consistent Internet access while there, but once I get back, I'll blog the whole experience at length and with plenty of pictures!

Oh, and I just realized that the last time I went anywhere on a plane was before 9/11. So, we'll have to go at an ungodly hour (which is fine with me, except that time is atrocious...) and I'll have to make sure that I am wearing decent socks...

Update: We are leaving tomorrow (Thursday) very early in the morning and coming back Sunday night. I will have no Internet (or even e-mail) access throughout the trip. If you need to contact me, do it immediatelly, or wait until Sunday night. Please keep the comment threads nice and decent while I am gone and don't feed the trolls! Enjoy the busy carnival weekend and the holidays!

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