Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Bosnian Pyramid, Part 6

More measurements by Alun and an excellent analysis (in Bosnian variant of the Serbo-Croatian language) by Edhem OSMANOVIĆ.

Update: Osmanovic has also started a new blog devoted to the debunking of the myth of the Bosnian pyramid).

Here is another blog devoted to the debunking of myths related to the Bosnian pyramid.

Update 2: And here is yet another blog skeptical of the pyramid.

The above three blogs (in Bosnian language, or whatever you want to call it) are starting a Web-ring devoted to this topic. You can find the home-blog of the Web-ring here. Blogs written in all languages are welcome to join, so, if you are interested and have written about the topic, consider joining. The page lists the blogs that are currently members of teh Web-ring. If you want to join, just send an e-mail to one of the members - the e-mail addresses are listed right there.

Update 3: And here is yet another blog joining the ring.

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