Saturday, April 22, 2006

Scientists Are Hotttt!!!!!

Ruchira Paul of Accidental Blogger wrote about the study of stereotypes of scientists some time back. I have included that post in the Carnival of Education a couple of weeks ago.

A commenter on that post allerted Ruchira to the existence of a new blog called Sexy Science, profiling sexy scientists, including grad students and post-docs, with the size of the image of the habanero pepper indicating the degree of hotness.

So, Science Diva, haven't you seen my picture there in the right corner? I even play the guitar, and the piano, and ride horses, and have a black belt in karate? Now if that's not hot what is? Or how about Jenna or Tara? And no, I am not going to comment on PZ Myers or John Wilkins...

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