Saturday, April 15, 2006

Republican War on Science - Fighting Back

I usually do not link to DarkSyde's Science Fridays on DailyKos, thinking (erroneously?) that everyone reads it anyway, and dKos does not need yet another link to boost the traffic. If you are not a regular reader of Science Friday, go to DailyKos and click on DarkSyde's name wherevere it is highlighted orange on the front page and you'll be able to find the complete archives.

Yesterday, instead of one of his famous long posts on some aspect of science, or an exposure of a crazy creationist, DarkSyde did a Good (Science) Friday - interviewing Rep. Brad Miller (D-NC).

Rep. Miller (I think his district is Greensboro area, right next door to mine), a regular on DailyKos, is a member of the House Science Committee. He has started collecting information about governmental intimidation of scientists and other political abuses of science happening under the Bush Administration (spare me the cries about loony-Left examples - those are NEVER considered for legislation, no matter who is in power at the time), stuff ably documented by Chris Mooney in Republican War on Science. Chris has commented on this before.

Local bloggers (and there is a reason why Greensboro is nicknamed Blogsboro) also have his ear, which is good, as he is up for reelection against the guy who made this atrocious and despicable TV ad.

So, go read the interview and in there you will find information on how you can help.

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