Thursday, April 20, 2006

More on publishing data on blogs

In another follow-up to this post on publishing hypothese and data on blogs, in the comments on this post on Open Reading Frame, Jean-Claude Bradley writes:
When my colleagues learn that we try to publish everything we can onto blogs and wikis as soon as possible, the first question is usually about the fear of being scooped. I think that it is sort of like talking about work not yet published in a journal at a conference. If you are going to talk about it make sure that you make lots of noise so it will be hard to ignore. And I think in the blog world the analog of this is repeated discussion at many levels of research (raw experimental data, short-range analsis and discussion of those experiments in a larger context). Search engines tend to reward this kind of activity and make you hard to ignore. In our research, for example, a Google search today for "antimalaria compounds" pulls up our site as the first hit.
I look forward to the rest of your discussion on the subject.
Jean-Claude and colleagues write their lab notebook, almost daily, covering all the successess and mishaps on Useful Chemistry and Useful Chemistry Experiments 1. It is all highly visible. Try scooping that if you can!

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