Monday, April 24, 2006

Link-Love: More science blogging - Part XI

I realize I have not done this in a while. Forget the alphabetical order! I have so many new blogs on my Bloglines, only half of which (that it, of the new-to-me blogs) I can link to today. Here we go:

A Few Things Ill Considered has a whole series of posts on How To Talk To a Global Warming Skeptic.

A Theory of Power is Jeff Vail's Critique of Hierarchy and Empire.

More evidence of evolution on Agnostic Mom.

Cargo Cult Science and The Quantum Shortcut on Antecubital Fossa.

Genes. Code. For proteins. and Zombie hunting on a recent find of mine - the most excellent Bee Policy.

A pointless and gross story and Frontiers of AI novelty toys on Big Monkey, Helpy Chalk.

Scientific Storkism on BigDumbChimp.

Have you checked out Bioethics & Law and Biomedical Research Blog?

Improving crop quality and Chemists Improve Hydrogen Storage on Bionuz.

The library of airplanes, Avant-botany, The Myth of Solid Ground, A Shopper’s Guide to Urban Catastrophe and In space, no one can hear you pray...all on BLDGBLOG.

Thiolfighting 101 and Five out of five on Tenderbutton.

Political Psychology Testing at UNL, Campus Elections allow heuristic voting methods to be employed and Religious Survey on Blogata Amata.

Depression Targeted with Neurodevices Not Drugs and Neurotechnology Revenues Reach $110 Billion Says New Report on the Brain Industry on Brain Waves.

You can find a predaceous diving beetle and little King Kong on Burning Silo.

Tell me Why the Sky is So Blue Today, Your momma was a lobefinned fish and Snowman on Changing Places.

City Bees is a blog about keeping bees on the roof in the city.

U.S. Lawmakers Unaware We Landed on Moon in 1969 and The lamest way to use DNA, besides eugenics on frisky FrinkTank.

Climate Science Watch is....well, the title tells all.

Cocktail Party Physics knows the importance of being nitpicky.

From the Cogblog: Temple Grandin: thinking in pictures.

Animal brains hard-wired to recognize predator's foot movements and How odors are sensed: A complex system clarified on CogNews.

Hortus Botanicus and Response: Evidence for Strings on The College of Fools.

Ham Radios, Coding Theory and the Internet and Student Weblogs on Computational Complexity.

Science blogging; Undergrads: stupid or smart?, Supporting Anti-Intellectualism Since 1945 and Brain Activation, SSRIs, and Sexuality can be found on Cyberspace Rendezvous.

You probably already know that Daily Transcript has moved to a new location.

Cabinet of Wonders (aka Damn Data): Monkey dance and Virgin's blood.

In The incessant chirping of bioengineered crickets from hell, Dr.Joan Bushwell's Chimpanzee Refuge announces an impending move to SEED's ScienceBlogs. See also Botanical pornography and Insect Torment - the road to sociopathy?

Robotic planes to track pollution and Smart glasses may soon replace bifocals on Emerging Technology Trends.

The History of Epigenetics Explored on Epigenetics News.

Editorial pages weigh in on mumps epidemic on Ethics of Vaccines.

EurekAlert! - Breaking News is not exactly a blog, but it is a must-subscribe science feed.

Everyday Scientist will tell you how to tell if your rabbit is dead. Also: nanoluddites?

How to make your city flat greener, by Evo-Karma.

Molecular evidence series is already on Part 5, on Evolution 101.

Compositional Evolution: The Impact of Sex, Symbiosis, and Modularity on the Gradualist Framework of Evolution on Evolutionary Computation.

Eye On Science is TIME magazine's science editor's blog.

Firefly Forest Blog has moved to a new address. Adjust your bookmarks, blogrolls and feeds.

Emergiblog has moved to a new address as well.

An Observation and Description Exercise on Frogs And Ravens.

Genesalive is a brand new science blog.

PowerPoint: Less is More, by Glorfindel of Gondolin.

Good Math, Bad Math burst on the science blogging scene with a bang. And it's worth the accolades. Check out Mind-numbingly stupid math or The Bad Math of Paranormal Research: PEAR for a wuick taste.

OMG..what is wrong with this? is just one of the recent entries on Graduate Students.

Top-Down or Bottom-Up Quantum World?, asks Guide To Reality.

Undercover creationists on Halfway There.

Helmintholog has A better vat for the brain in your life.

Here's some real data, but we do not know what they are all about. Also, Michael Pollan, NPR, and biodiversity on HodgesLab.

Go birding with Aimophila Adventures.

Macro Art In Nature is a blog of a professional nature photographer.

Some good questions from Samuel, Meet Dr. Will and Canadian fossil important new find are some of the most recent posts on the most charming blog ever - I Love Dinosaurs! It is written by kids. No, actually, it is typed by Mom and dictated by kids who are dinosaur fans and who ask questions from experts and post the answers.

For Invertebrate Porn, check out Pornfest and More Porn on Journal of the Plague Year.

Life After Shrimp Porn is TA-ing a BIO 103 lab: Top 10 things you shouldn't do when writing a lab report.

Science Unfair on Live Granades.

Dutch Stork Population Up – Way Up and other bird stories, on Magnificent Frigatebird.

Dover's dominos- part 4: How IDC lost in the Dover case (and yes, there are parts 1, 2 and 3) and On Writing - part 5 (yes, there are parts 1,2, 3 and 4) on Mano Singham's Web Journal.

The amphibian Xipe Totec and Ground Dragon meets 'Earth Lizard' on Microecos.

Is Single Cell Electrophoresis ('Comet Assay') an 'Imaging Technology'? on Medical Museion Weblog.

Mom Seeks Tenure is celebrating: My First PhD Student!

So far, a total of 324 blogs that cover science more or less regularly. We'll continue next week or so with more of them, including those that start with the letters T through Z.... As always, check the title, or a "Home" button and look around those blogs for more of their stuff. Do the same for the blogs I have already linked to in previous installments of this series:

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