Saturday, April 29, 2006

Coffee as treatment for ADHD kids?

From Myomancy, via Developing Intellignece, comes this article on a controversial idea: Coffee being used to calm kids:
Forget the apple-a-day cliché. A daily cup of coffee or tea — even for kids — could be just what the doctor ordered to treat attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder.

“I suggest drinking iced tea, black tea for improving the effects of medications,” said McAllen pediatric neurologist Dr. Leonardo Garcia.

“I prescribe it in very small amounts, specific amounts for each child, and that’s the same thing with medicines.”

But the idea of using caffeinated products for youth to calm the disorder’s symptoms such as physical restlessness, poor concentration and impulsive behavior is a controversial idea in medical circles. The limited studies available have not definitively linked caffeine consumption to abetting or worsening the disorder, so while some physicians suggest a latté, others warn against prescribing a substance that can interfere with sleep.
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What do you think?

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